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Do you help my firm move paperless with document management system?

The cloud lays a great foundation for electronic storage and retrieval of all firm information in an organized and cost-effective manner. Our cloud infrastructure supports simple as well as major document management systems like CCH ProSystem fx Document, CCH Document, Doc.It etc. Many of these document systems need solid infrastructure that include Active directory, Microsoft Exchange server, Microsoft SQL server along with a dedicate document server.


Historically smaller firms have not been able to take advantage of the enterprise class document systems like from CCH. It was quite unaffordable in the past for most small and medium size businesses to invest in such huge infrastructure costs for all hardware and software. Welcome Networks make it easy and affordable for you to have your own internal document management system that was not possible before. If you have been thinking about one for your firm, feel free to contact us and we'll be able to provide you with a customized proposal that meet your firm's needs.


Due to our sensitive relationship with all these vendors, we don't endorse one system over another & there is no preferred system. We will be more than happy to support your choice & are able to make recommendations on the best practices based on our experience and your business needs.

Our auditors work mostly in the field. Can they be on the cloud?

Yes. This is a perfect system for them as long as they can have an internet connection. We have heard stories of auditors using iPhone internet to work from the cloud when there was no broadband internet in the vicinity. We recommend a reliable dedicated broadband connection for efficiency and better productivity.


Auditors no longer need to sync binders or check-out/check-in data for CaseWare, CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, Engagement CS, etc. The data is always up to date and stays in your office on your servers.


If road warriors need applications when a high-speed Internet connection isn't possible, we can install the necessary applications on their laptops.

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