Managed Azure Cloud

Implement Microsoft Azure with Ease

Our Microsoft trained IT team will assist you with setting up Azure for your systems so you don’t have to

Microsoft Azure is finally in Canada after tremendous success in USA and rest of the world. Azure is the most trustworthy and reliable cloud solution in the world. With built in data storage redundancy, disaster recovery options, and enterprise-class security – you are able to enhance your business with a powerful and scalable system.

  • Extend Your IT Department

  • Remove Downtime

  • Increase Employee Efficiency

  • Improve Client Satisfaction

  • Increase Profitability and Business Growth

  • Improve Secure Access to Real-time Data

How does it work?

Instead of learning how to implement Microsoft Azure into your office workflow, we take care of all that for you before, during, and after the process so you get the most out of your investment. This will save you a large amount of time and allow you to avoid any complex issues you may face.

  • 1 Step
    Provide Information

    Provide us with the license keys of the applications you wish to have hosted as well as your requested usernames and passwords.

  • 2 Step
    Install Applications

    Don’t worry about this, we’ll get this done for you with the information your provide us!

  • 3 Step
    Transfer Data

    We will coordinate with you and your current IT provider, if necessary, to ensure there is no downtime when we copy your firm’s data into your Azure systems.

  • 4 Step
    Go Live

    After some testing, you and your firm will be ready to start working in Microsoft Azure.

This solution is right for you if

  • You have multiple office locations
  • You are worried about a hardware crash and losing data
  • You are spending too much time and money on hardware and maintenance
  • You can’t afford any downtime of your applications for more than an hour

Every Microsoft Azure setup is unique

Allow us to tailor these solutions to suit your needs