Cloud IT Iceberg

  • 1 How am I spending my time?
  • 2 What is the cost of employee labor?
  • 3 How much value are we adding to the business?

Total potential cost to be saved (Monthly):$0.00 / Month

Total potential cost to be saved (Annually):$0.00 / Year

Potential in-house server costs (Every 4-6 years):$0.00

Potential in-house server costs (Annually):$0.00 / Year

  • Employee or Your Hourly Rate

  • Time Spent on Data Backup

  • Time Spent Solving Printing Issues

  • Time Spent Patching & Updating Software

  • Time Spent Solving IT Issues

  • Hours Lost Due to Downtime

  • Variable Startup Costs

    • Estimates:
    • -In-house Specific Workstation Hardware ($1,500-$2,000/Employee)
    • -Server Hardware ($4,000-$12,000)
    • -Server Warranty ($1,500)
    • -Server Setup ($1,500-$2,500)
    • -Firewall ($1,000-$2,000)
  • Variable Annual Costs

    • Estimates:
    • -Server Maintainance Service ($1,800-$3,000/year)
    • -Local Backup Hardware ($500-$3,000)
    • -Local Backup (Image Based) Software ($1,000/year)
    • -Cloud Backup ($1,700/year)
    • -Server Electricity Cost ($675-$900/year)
    • -Antivirus ($40-$60/yeaqr)

A more efficient and productive workplace can be created by extending your IT with Welcome Networks and our cloud solutions. The total above can be removed while also creating a more flexible work environment that does not bring you any IT headaches.


$ 0.00/year can then be allocated to your assets, employees, clients, software, marketing and much more to further increase your ROI


Annual expenses – On-Premise vs Cloud


This is a graphical representation for the expenses when operating with an on-premise or cloud environment. The numbers are based on an accounting firm with 10 users and with the factors relating to the annual expenses. It must be noted that every firm’s requirements are different and the costs will vary with different business model.

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