Sage-50 FAQs

Can I drag & drop files from my local computer?

Yes, you have the ability to drag and drop files from your local computer as well as copy/paste from your local computer programs.


Do you offer any help in moving data?

Yes, we do. We will help you move your Sage software and data from your location to our server in our data center. Setup is easy and Welcome Networks' Cloud experienced support team is available and ready to walk you through the process. If you would rather do it on your own, Welcome Networks' Cloud support site is well equipped with the resources you need to get started immediately.


Can you host additional programs other than Sage 50?

Yes. We suggest you look at our services of private cloud for Accounting firms or SMBs. We can help you move all of your business applications and files to your private cloud. This will eliminate all your IT headaches and save money on IT costs in the long run.


Do you offer any Document Management system that can help me go paperless?

Yes. You can become a paperless office by using our document management systems and online filing cabinet. With direct remote scan technology, you can transfer your hard-copy files into electronic format and recycle all paper documents.


Our cloud support multiple document management solutions that give you the ability to scan source documents and other materials directly up to your secure storage drive for anytime, anywhere secure access. Our document management options include SmartVault integration with QuickBooks as well as other document management programs that allow you to search documents, split or merge PDFs, and even put custom notes or stamps on a document before filing it away in your online filing cabinet.


Can I shadow my remote employee or client sessions?

Yes, you can shadow sessions of users\clients under your account. You can answer a client's question about Sage 50 or the other applications they're working in. We give you the ability to easily shadow them on their desktop to give them tutorials or help with questions. When shadowing a client, you won't see their private content like personal email, but only what they have opened at that point of time. During shadowing, you can drive the mouse and see what your users are looking at to give them real-time help.


Do I need to backup Sage 50 data?

We do include backup and disaster recovery as part of our service. There is no need for you to manually backup your data on the system. If you would like to make manual backups you are still welcome to do so and move them to the local computer for long-term archiving and storage.


How does hosting Sage 50 save me on PC maintenance?

Having Sage 50 hosted in our cloud removes the need to install or run applications on your PC. You run your software remotely with full functional capabilities. Welcome Networks manages all software maintenance and upgrades automatically for you. This will remove the cost of downtime and improve efficiency of your business processes.


What applications do you support on cloud?

Our redundant hosting environment is fully compatible with many applications used by businesses. A partial list of our common applications is here.


We continually add to this list. If you don't see a specific application, give us a call toll-free at 1-866-549-2717.


Do you sell or lease Sage 50?

No, we don't. We are an expert IT services provider and provide only services. You must own a legal copy of Sage 50 products.


What would be the experience?

Working on Sage 50 in a private cloud is almost is 4x faster and uses 73% less bandwidth than Microsoft Terminal Services Hosting. Our solution works on all operating systems and delivers high-resolution stunning graphics, and flawless printing.


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