Managed Services FAQs

What is covered under Premium Managed Services?

We implement instant alerts and auto fix scripts to fix problems fast before they become major problems. You get the support of full time IT department that monitor your network and perform following functions for you:

  • All server and workstation system upgrades.
  • ESET Antivirus software for all the workstations and servers.
  • Anti-spam and virus filtering service for all the email address.
  • Creating Active directory accounts and setting up emails.
  • Working with ISPs to resolve internet connectivity issues.
  • Replacing network switched and/or Firewall as required.
  • Configuring desktops/laptops for new users.
  • Upgrades and updates of all programs/applications used.
  • All troubleshooting including virus, spyware and system error issues
  • Budget planning and systems rotation planning for the company
  • Updating hardware as required.
  • Swapping existing systems with newer systems, including servers and workstations
  • Installing and configuring replacement systems for users
  • Updating and configuring firewall units
  • Troubleshooting printing & scanning issues
  • Advising management about changing IT trends
  • Implement both onsite and offsite backup and disaster recovery strategy
  • Monitoring and testing backup sets.
  • Installing and configuring new staff profiles/printers and/or scanners
  • Proactive remote monitoring and troubleshooting. Onsite tech visits if issue is not resolved.

How do you monitor our network for technical issues?

We install a hardware and software monitoring agent on your servers and workstations. The agent scans all the open ports, processes and services. Based on the results of the scan, customized monitoring policies are applied. There are more than 350 alerts that we monitor according to server/workstation profile of your business.


Using WMI advanced SNMP and ICMP monitoring and alerting, we gather data such as device heartbeat, windows event logs, custom event logs, server performance counters, and SNMP MIB information etc. Dedicated systems administrators and technicians monitor the health, alerts and performance in our Network Operations Center (NOC) for immediate attention and speedy resolution. Most problems can be fixed remotely and when needed, we can be onsite within 30 minutes to handle critical issues.


Why your Managed Service is a NO- MARKUP Service?

We want you to be assured that solutions suggested are reliable & professional and are just for the benefits of your firm. Many other Managed Services providers also earn money by selling hardware and software's solutions that may cause conflict of interest situation impacting the credibility of the service provider. We are different and integrity is one of the most important values we bring to your business.


We don't markup on any hardware or software recommended under our managed services unlike others. We just provide the service and assist you by providing expert advice in purchasing new hardware / software. We still facilitate the buying process and most of the time it would be direct billing from the vendor like Dell, HP etc. for any new hardware or software.

What services do you provide under Managed Services?

Under our Managed Services Plan, we manage your whole IT including servers, workstations, users and other resources for a fixed monthly fee. Currently we are managing hundreds of servers based on Microsoft, VMware and Citrix technology and thousands of workstations for our clients.


Your servers, workstations and networks are configured following best practices of your industry. You experience improved productivity and faster resolution of your technical problems. We set up and maintain your servers, workstations, firewalls, printers and scanners for each individual employee. We continually monitor your network 24X7 for issues and fix them before they become a big problem.


Your servers can be at either on-premise or in data centers. We provide you all the advantages of a full-service fortune 500 corporate IT department at a fraction of the cost of hiring a certified in-house, IT staff.

What is not covered under your managed services?

  • New hardware costs
  • Software licensing costs
  • Servicing printers/faxes, changing parts and/or performing maintenance. This is usually done by Printer experts.

We are doing it ourselves. Why do I need experts?

You can still live in a much more stressful, inefficient, and disruptive break-fix world but you need to appreciate the fact that IT is the vehicle that powers your business operations and injects cost efficiencies. In-house servers, workstations, and other networking infrastructure are expensive. Software installations, firewall configurations and anti-virus protection need to be done following best practices of the industry and they need to be regularly updated. With appropriate configuration and security measures not in place, you can lose valuable data and files to unforeseen disasters if you leave your IT to someone who is not diversely experienced and expert in handling IT functions professionally. We come across those kinds of situations on regular basis and find businesses losing time, money and valuable data because someone average was handling the IT.


As a business you can spend thousands of dollars on the state of the art software but you may not see any visible benefits from it. Reason behind that could be simple like improper installation or complex, but only a diversely experienced IT expert can explain and fix it quickly.

What area do you service?

We started by providing managed services in Metro Vancouver area. Now we provide services to clients all across Canada and USA based on our NOC in Burnaby, BC. You get unlimited tech support for a fixed monthly fee. Our expert technical staffs are just a phone call away.

What's the typical response time?

Our normal working hours are from 8:30AM to 5:00PM PST. IT support staff is available 24X7 for monitoring and to handle critical issues. For all critical issues we target response time of 30 minutes or less.

Do I save any money by outsourcing IT to Welcome Networks?

Yes. If you have in-house staff handling IT, you will definitely save between 40- 60% as you will be leveraging the economies of scale. You get expert service & advice based on our diversified knowledge that in-house staffs usually lack. Our certified Systems Administrators monitor servers, workstations, firewalls, switches, storage systems, and data, regularly create backups, update and install your business applications, update anti-virus software as well as perform many other day to day functions like a full-service corporate IT department but at a fraction of the cost.

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