Managed Services FAQs

What Accounting & Tax software's do you support?

Our expert services include installing, maintaining, supporting and troubleshooting all accounting & tax software's from QuickBooks, Sage\Simply, CCH Wolters Kluwer, Intuit, Thomson Reuters, Caseware, Cantax and others. With over 14 years of experience working closely with accounting firms we know all these programs & applications by heart. Some of the applications are listed below:


  • CCH ProSystem fx Tax
  • CCH Taxprep programs (personal, corporate and trust)
  • CCH ProSystem fx Document
  • CCH Document
  • CCH - ProSystem fx Scan
  • CCH Scan
  • CCH Engagement
  • Engagement CS - Thomson Reuters
  • Lacerte Tax
  • Caseware Working Papers
  • Caseware Time
  • QuickBooks plus Add-ons & Extensions
  • Sage 50: Pro, Complete, Premium and Quantum
  • Cantax
  • Sage 100 ERP
  • Drake Tax
  • ProSeries Professional Tax
  • SpeedTax
  • Quicken
  • UltraTax
  • TurboTax
  • CFS Tax Tools
  • CCH Practice
  • FormMaster
  • CICA Handbook
  • CCH Online
  • AvanTax
  • TaxFind
  • ProFile
  • AccountEdge
  • EasyPay Canadian payroll software
  • Doc.It
  • VohCom Page
  • Presto! PageManager
  • Fishbowl Inventory Management software
  • SuperQuick
  • Microsoft Office for Word, Excel, Outlook and many others…


Welcome Networks is a CCH partner to implement CCH Document and ProSystem Document fx paperless systems.

How do you monitor our network for technical issues?

CCH Document is a complete document management solution developed specifically for accounting firms. CCH Document is a feature-rich application, and its extended feature set makes it a very viable solution for mid to large size firms. It is a powerful total management system that control document storage and retention policies for both native and scanned documents.


Installation & Configuration:

CCH Document is a scalable system that requires a fairly sophisticated configuration. You need experienced IT staff that can layout the basic IT infrastructure. Welcome Networks Inc. is the only independent IT services provider implementing CCH Document in Metro Vancouver area and for remote clients. We know the process from A to Z because we have done the install for so many clients. If you are planning to implement Document for your firm, contact us for a free network systems evaluation that will identify your hardware and software needs for this program.


Hardware/software Check list includes:

  • Laptops/workstations hardware & software configuration
  • Microsoft SQL server hardware & software configuration
  • Microsoft Exchange server hardware & software configuration
  • Small business server and/or standard server
  • Network setup
  • Firewall setup
  • Backup software and hardware


We also assist accounting firms in:

  • Defining Classes & subclasses
  • Extracting data from your time & billing software and getting it ready for CCH Document
  • Retention policy
  • Migrating existing data to CCH Document
  • Locking down exiting data
  • Lunch and learn sessions for CCH product training.

Can you assist our firm with the set-up of CCH Portal server and CCH SCAN?

Yes, we can. We are an expert in setting up fully optimized Portal server and CCH SCAN.

We are a small firm and love CCH Document. Is there any solution for us?

CCH ProSystem fx Document & CCH Documents are one of the most advanced paperless systems digitizing the file rooms of accounting firms. With all of your documents in a central repository - including tax returns, client correspondence, employee records and email messages - you'll be able to help your clients in record time.


Accountants love this product but biggest problem small accounting firms face is the, decent investment needed to implement this system for the firm. Document requires an active directory domain, Microsoft SQL server as well as an Exchange server, thus needing a huge investment in the hardware and software.


Now you have an affordable choice. We strongly recommend moving the firm to your private cloud because active directory and exchange server are already part of the service and you can add a SQL server without any significant investment on your part.

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